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Best Regards Cards for Your Special Foodie

February 9, 2006

Ahhh, the beauty of foodies. Yes, if you enjoy reading this blog, you may just be a foodie. Foodies pretty much just love food. We love eating it and learning about it. We love incorporating it into our lives either as an afternoon activity of cooking, giving a dinner party, curling up with a cookbook, or treating ourselves to a nice restaurant. So what is the perfect gift for a foodie? Well, I have an idea…my friend Susan Verni’s Best Regards cards.

Susan has incorporated her love for photography into cards, and they are quite beautiful and special! I have sent some of her cards to friends, and they come on nice cardstock paper with an actual photograph adhered to the front. Although her photos vary in content, she does have several that focus on food. It is these photos that I think would make a nice gift to that foodie in your life (or as a nice gift to yourself!).

My favorite card of hers is of vegetables at a farmers market (Botanicals Collection). Susan says that she took this photo at Hatch’s Produce Market on Cape Cod in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Aside from how beautiful the photo is in itself, I love it because of all the possibilities the vegetables hold. Gazpacho? Roast potatoes? Homemade salsa? The cute baskets, and signs such as “Ugly Ripe Tomatoes,” also add to this card.

A close second favorite of mine is her card picturing a wine menu from a lovely neighborhood cafe in Italy that Susan visited (Italy Collection). It reminds me of when I traveled around Italy myself, basically anticipating my next meal throughout the trip! Oh, Italian food how I love thee. I literally gained about 5 pounds in that week because the food was so unbelievable! So I love this card as it reminds me of the excitement of sitting at a menu in Italy knowing I was about to enjoy an unbelievably good meal.

Other cards that Susan has that feature food include apples hanging from their tree with the sky and clouds in the background (Botanicals Collection). This was taken at an apple orchard in Warwick, New York while Susan was searching for the just the right Gala and Macoon apples for an apple crisp.

Susan also has a photo of fallen apples in a Maryland orchard (Botanical Collection). She took this photograph while searching for the perfect apples for her niece and nephew’s apple bobbing contest at their Halloween contest. Sticking to the fruit tree theme, Susan also has a card with an orange tree from the New York Botanical Gardens.

If your foodie is more of a sweets person, then you can choose among Best Regards’ photos of Salt Water Taffy Barrels (At the Coast Collection), Gingerbread Men and Women (from the Seasons Greetings Collection), or the Flowered Cupcakes (Celebrations Collection).

So if you are looking for a cute gift or a special card to send to a friend I suggest browsing through Susan Verni’s Best Regards cards ( Her cards are sold in various boutiques in New York City, and you can also order them from her website.

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  1. CreditVirtuoso permalink
    August 2, 2007 10:47 am

    Fantastic! I’m fond of quality photography, really. What I like in these photos is offbeat view of usual things. I consider, your Susan is young hopeful indeed!

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