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Kitchen Timer

February 7, 2010

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is go to a kitchen store and just peruse the isles looking at all the fun gadgets.  Now living in a small apartment does prevent me from buying everything I want, but every now and then I come across something that is a must.  This time it was a kitchen timer.

I had been using the timer on my microwave, but not only does this require me to run around the counter into my living room area (remember, in New York, you do what you have to with the space that you have!) but it also limits me to just one timer at a time that I can’t even pause.  It was time for a new toy!

I’m not an expert in timers, but I did spend a lot of time comparing all the kitchen timers.  Here is what I learned you should look for:

  • The ability to display three different times (for when you are cooking several dishes)
  • You should be able to pause the timer (like when you need to pull a cake out to check on)
  • When the timer rings, it should then start timing upwards so you know the additional time
  • The timer should be able to go up to at least 10 hours (for those long marinades, brines, etc.)

My choices to decide from were what Bed, Bath and Beyond had to offer.  Here my final decision came down to the OXO Triple Timer.  It met all of the above requirements and had a nice design.  I also find that the OXO products tend to be good, reliable items so I trust the brand.  Of course I brought my new toy home and proceeded to time everything and so far, so good!  So if you are in need of a new timer, I recommend this one.


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